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Quantitative Study

The project supervisor supervises the interviewer closely.

We check audio record or arrange spot checks to ensure the quality of interview

We can develop appropriate questionnaires by  following client's proposed scope. In addition, we also welcome clients to provide the survey questions.

Completed interviews will be uploaded to the server timely. Quick result could be shown in pre-designed report format

To enhance the efficiency, most of the projects are implemented electronically. The programmer puts the questionnaire on the appropriate platform to facilitate the interview and inputting process and quality control.



Face to Face


Online Survey 

Mobile Survey

Perform coding for open ended answers

Data tables and charts according to the clients' needs

Advanced statistical analysis


Insight / Recommendation

Researcher anlayse the findings and deliver in form of report and presentations

Can be delivered in SPSS, DBM, ASCII, XLS


Independent QC



Questionnaire Design

Questionnaire Scripting

Real time report / KPI Monitoring

Data Processing

Qualitative Study

Questionnaire / Discussion guide design


Senior Researcher will guide the discussion. They will probe for the inner thinking and motivations of the participants, and encourage them to propose new ideas for the subject matter.

Similar perspectives are categorized in the form of mind maps, The frequency, importance  and relationship among various perspectives will be derived..

Confirm participants identity before the interview

Recruitment of respondets

ID Verification

Verify Respondent Qualification



Focus Group

We set the questionnaire to identify the qualifications of participant according to customer’s requirements

We target potential respondents by
our local recruitment network

The recording and transcript enable understanding to the discusiion


Audio & video recording

Content analysis

Insight / Recommendation

Researcher anlayse the findings and deliver in form of report and presentations

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