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Quality Assurance

We believe data quality is the cornerstone of the success of the research project, so we take it seriously

Staff Training


  • Interviewers must be trained to ensure their interviewing ability.

  • All the interviewer will be instructed before the start of the project by our researcher. The interviewer also need to conduct a simulated interview.



  • The questionnaire program includes rigorous logical checking to exclude the error caused by human factors.

  • Supervisor will closely monitor interviewers. Interviewers are prohibited interviewing without supervision.

Independent Quality Check


  • We can let our customers to access recordings, so that they can understand how the interview is going. 

  • The QC personnel checks the audio record randomly or arranges spot check

General inspection focus:

  • Whether the interviewee is qualified for interview

  • Ask question according to the questionnaire

  • Probe when the response is not clear

  • No leading answers

  • The answer is consistent with the recording

  • The answers are marked down right after the reponse

Data Processing


  • Analyze the discrepancies between the data collected by interviewers and the overall data, and increase the number of independent quality check of individual when needed.

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