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Our Services

Public Opinion or Social Survey

  • Collect public opinions among Macao residents

  • Understand behavioral patterns of Macao residents

Tourism, MICE and Related Research

  • Capturing visitors’ behavioral & consumption patterns 

  • Understand preference of the travelers from different places

  • Understand how they receive travel information

  • Understand the satisfaction and opinions of their tourist attractions, facilities and events

Brand Image and Positioning Research

  • Understand brand awareness among target customers

  • Understand the brand's attributes and strength

  • Comparison with competitor brands

Product Concept, Design, Pricing, and Usage Testing

  • Understand the feasibility of the product / service when it is still at the conceptual stage

  • Improving the prototype based on the opinions of the target customers before launch

  • After the product is introduced to the market, we continuously learns the user's opinion and suggests improvement to our clients 

Mystery Shopper


  • Effective way to continuously monitor and assess the performance of frontline staff and distribution channels (e.g. bank, telecom, retail and government)

  • Areas of investigation included checking shop display, the service, food and goods provided by staff, in comparison with the corporate standard, etc..

  • Assess the staff ability to handle customer enquiry and service quality by raising questions about the products and service

  • Help the main distributors to understand weather their sub-distributors are selling products in line with standards.

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